Sponsored Riders

Our Sponsored Riders have placed their trust in us. They uphold the brand values on a daily basis, but also in competitions, and allow us to improve our products to make them more efficient. 

India Bussey

I was part of the Children On Horses GB Team at the European Championships in 2015 where we won team Silver. Qualified two home produced ponies for HOYS Newcomers Championship 2016 coming 3rd in the Final. Winner of the 6 Year Old Grand Prix at Chepstow CSI** this year.

Sammy Cotton

I am an young up and coming rider who loves producing young horses and seeing them progress through the ranks which has opened up so many wonderful opportunities to compete at some top class shows in the UK and Europe. With highlights including winning on the Sunshine tour Vejer, 3rd Bonheiden CSIJ and qualifying for my first CSIJ 1.40m Grand Prix.

I absolutely adore the MakeBe range which for both the rider and horse offer such stylish and innovative designs for every occasion. One of my favourite products would have to be the wave jump stirrups which are very comfortable and secure to ride in, they are also slightly angled down putting your leg in the perfect position.

Sammy Cotton
Katy Poole

I am a 23yo female rider & owner of Freestyle Sport Horses where we specialise in the production and sales of hand selected competition horses from 2 - 5 years of age.
After fracturing my back 2 years ago I suffer with significant soft tissue damage resulting in trouble maintaining balance in my stirrups, and subsequently I often lose my stirrup.
Since using the MakeBe Wave Jump Stirrups not only have I felt much more secure in the saddle, I have had less pelvic pain due to the tilted foot plate distributing my weight more evenly, therefore reducing the strain in my pelvis, legs and ankles!
I now won’t use anything else!

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